Saturday, October 17, 2009

Modern Family - An Appreciation

Modern Family must be the funniest new show on TV. Laugh out loud funny. Yet it is so relate able while being very smart.

Just watch the latest episode. You'll laugh but also you'll recognize these characters as true and honest. The dynamics in the relationships, mother to daughter, sister to brother, husband to wife, across generations are so true and honest.

Look at the one short scene in this episode between Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as the adult siblings. For less than 2 minutes they chat about their parents. And in that short period you learn the complete history of this family. It is funny, brilliant and tells so much in such an economical fashion. Wow.

And what a cast. From the stars to the secondary characters to the guests, this is an ensemble that works like a charm. Lovely!

Watch it now and have a super super time.