Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 Movies

Is this the worst year for movies in a long time? Feels like it. It is very hard to find a movie to go these. And even upcoming movies are not exciting me, only a handful.

I did manage to see some movies in the last few months. Very few though and I only really really liked two:

A Prophet -a masterpiece. Believe the critics and the hype. Fascinating character study of what makes a criminal. Circumstance or upbringing or are they just born criminals? It could also be viewed as an allegory to corporate success and how one climbs the ranks or rather obliterates the competition. The ultimate killer instinct story.

Splice - the best horror movie I've seen in years. It was smart and edge of your seat thrilling. Plus it tried to explore a long-term romantic relationship. Not entirely successfully but I appreciate the effort. What made this movie different is the fascinating character at the center of it, called "Dren". Not fully human, but a DNA-mix. You watch as "she" grows up and goes through different stages : childhood, love and even sex.

Other movies I've seen :

Sex and the City 2 - This was very disappointing, particularly because I loved the series which was so smart and funny while addressing real relationship issues. This was just dumb and unnecessary. However most of the audience I was with loved it. What I didn't understand was why the reviews were so harsh? Why all the hate? It's not a good movie but not worse than 80% of what comes out every summer. Certainly not worse than The Proposal from last year which started Sandra Bullock fantastic year. Is it SJP? She is a polarising figure and seems to elicit very strong feelings, particularly from movie critics.

Please Give - I remember tearing up a couple of times watching this story about neurotic New Yorkers and their messy lives. However I don't remember why, and a few weeks later nothing has stayed with me from it. Apparently forgettable.