Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Movies?

For me this summer looks like a big snooze. There are hardly any movies that I'm anticipating. SATC2 is totally unnecessary although I guess I'll see it. Cruise and Diaz in an action rom-com, snooze. Another movie from the pretentinous M Night Shyamalan, please what is this 1999?

However I admit to looking forward to these 3 movies:

Splice : a sci-fi horror mystery about a newly created species/monster. Could be the worst movie ever made. Or could be so so great. With art house darling Sarah Polley involved I'm betting on the latter.

Inception : Chris Nolan and Leo DiCaprio. Not to mention Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotilliard. {Plus the premise sounds trippy. I'm there.

The Kids Are Alright : Benning and Moore. Plus Ruffalo. Looks delightful. And it a major movie from a queer filmmaker. And deafening buzz from Sundance. I'm so there.

So slim pickings for me this summer season.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cate!

The luminous Cate Blanchett is 41 today. She bedazzeled at the Cannes Film Festival in a tribute gown to Alexander Mcqueen.

I love her so much, as Fergie says, like a kid loves their blanket. But do I love her enough to sit through Robin Hood this weekend? Crowe has become unwatchable and Scott has not made a good movie since Black Hawk Dawn.

Oh Cate why can't you make better choices. I know working with Scott and before that Steven Spielberg sounded like good ideas. But as a result you were in the lamest Indiana Jones movie and the reviews for Robin Hood so far have not really been that good.

Still love you, though.