Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Expectations Are High But Tempered

The Fall movie season is always eagerly expected because of the plethora of exciting options it usually provides. As the Toronto Film Festival unspools we think of all the movies we are eagerly expecting.

Been Waiting So Long We're Kinda Over It
We were excited a year ago. The raves came way back in May from Cannes. I guess we'll see it.

Cautiously Optimistic Because of Source Material
Into the Woods
Stephen Sondheim. Meryl Streep. Emily Blunt. Anna Kendrick. Christie Baranski. Billy Magnusson. Those songs. It would be our most anticipated but unfortunately we've seen Nine.

Career That Might Jumpstart
Jack O'Connell in '71
Starred Up. Unbroken. '71. Three major movie just might make a movie star. Two of them already seen with critical kudos, he's on his way.

Career Possibly Reinvigorated
Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler
The marketing has been aces. The campaign to tell us about his commitment and weight loss has already started. He's been on a roll of edgy interesting movies. We have faith.

Suspect Because of Terrible Trailer
Men, Women and Children
It seems it is trying to say something profound about the way we live now. Only that something looks and sounds very obvious. Hoping for the best but our gut says it's a turkey.

Suspect Because Tim Burton Has Been Lost For Years
Big Eyes 

Maybe Amy Adams will save it. Hoping for the best.

Known Entity But Still Eagerly Awaited
The Imitation Game 
We've seen it. It's fantastic. We love Benedict Cumberbatch in it. Who knew we'd ever say those words? We can't wait to see it again. Mostly we can't wait to discuss it over and over. The conversations are going to be good.

Meh Feel We've Seen Before
The Equalizer 
It looks like every other Denzel movie. Get that Fences adaptation going. And hire Viola Davis as your co-star.

Most Eagerly Awaited
The stellar reviews. Throwing about the "M" word. As in "masterpiece". We can't contain ourselves.

Wish It Was Opening This Fall
Not many movies starring women. This would've been the ultimate with some of our best actresses. As we mentioned before this might be our most anticipated movie ever.

What are you most excited about this Fall? What do you think of the movies we've mentioned? Agree? Disagree? Tell all in the comments.