Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Reactions to the nominations

1. The Reader, seriously academy?
2. Kate's better performance was snubbed. No love for Rev Road although happy to see Michael Shannon recognized.
3. Yes to Sally Hawkins' snub. Awful, grating performance and a film I loathed. But original screenplay. And over Vicky Cristina and Rachel Getting Married. Ugh.
4. Not a fan of The Dark Night, but come on it was better than The Reader.
5. Best supporting actress looks good. True supporting performances were nominated. Although I would have preferred if Tomei was snubbed in favor of the Rachel gals, either DeWitt or Winger.
6. Yay for Richard Jenkins and The Visitor, one of the best films of the year.
7. So happy for the Eastwood/Gran Torino snub. It should've been included in the Razzies. Bad film.
8. Meryl all the way now. Congrats on the 15th nomination.
9. Love the strong showing for Milk.
10. While I think Ben Button deservedly got 13 nominations, my favourite part of it was snubbed. Here's to you Cate!

1 comment:

tom said...

Lots of surprises here!

Someone needs to better define what draws the line between a lead and supporting role so we don't follow every predictor's assumption that Winslet would take two nominations!

I thought Revolutionary Road would fare much better-- perhaps it's just too much of a downer.

Also surpried that 'Rachel' didn't get nominated for screenplay.

You guessed better than I did- by one!