Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is Kristin Scott Thomas the new Maggie Smith?

Easy Virtue looks really boring. The kind of stiff upper lip English comedy of manners that we've seen and been bored by a million times.

All that I could think of watching the trailer is when did Kristin Scott Thomas become Maggie Smith. How did this actress with a vital and sexy presence in such movies as Four Weddings, The English Patient and recently in French films like I've Loved You So Long and Tell No One, end up playing the shrewish marm. You know the character who's a staple of these kind of movies. Always sticking to rules and decorum, mining comedy out of being laughed at by the other characters. It is the role that Smith has perfected for years.

I guess KST is in that age group now. So it's her time to play second fiddle to Jessica Biel!!!! Say it isn't so.

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