Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sexy Diane

I saw Diane von Furstenberg give a talk last week in a corporate setting. It was fascinating. She was witty, funny and immensely watchable.

What I found surprising was that her speech was full of sex. Usually businesswomen, particularly in a corporate setting, totally ignore sex. They are all sexless beings. They have to be to combat sexism and protect the merit of their accomplishments. Not Diane.

She told us about her boss, who "had a crush" on her and helped her. About how she tried to "seduce" bankers to back her business. And throughout she mentioned how beautiful she looked, whenever she showed a picture of her. And there were lots of pictures of her, looking glamorous. She did not shy away from describing how the dresses she makes are supposed to accentuate a woman's body; make her sexy.

It was a refreshing point of view. Totally in tune with her industry and personality. It just was new in that setting for me; a sometimes corporate drone.

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