Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cate!

The luminous Cate Blanchett is 41 today. She bedazzeled at the Cannes Film Festival in a tribute gown to Alexander Mcqueen.

I love her so much, as Fergie says, like a kid loves their blanket. But do I love her enough to sit through Robin Hood this weekend? Crowe has become unwatchable and Scott has not made a good movie since Black Hawk Dawn.

Oh Cate why can't you make better choices. I know working with Scott and before that Steven Spielberg sounded like good ideas. But as a result you were in the lamest Indiana Jones movie and the reviews for Robin Hood so far have not really been that good.

Still love you, though.

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Jean said...

I'll probably see Robin Hood. At least it's not Clash of the Titans. There's a bit of history to learn too!