Friday, July 9, 2010

Toy Story 3 is actually really good!!

I don't like animated movies. Don't know who Dorie nor Nemo are. Thought the Lion King was terrible, but the Incredibles were pretty fly.Last year I succumbed to peer pressure and ecstatic reviews and saw Up. Boring and predictable except for those wonderful 4 minutes that told a story of a lifetime of love and marriage with poetry and efficiency. I don't remember seeing the first two Toy Story movies but I must've seen at least one because the characters were familiar this time around.

Anyhow Toy Story 3 was enjoyable. It had a simple but funny and engaging story. Time flew by, I only looked at my phone a couple of times. And it had this one fantastic scene towards the end that tugs at the heartstrings. I found myself clutching my friend's arm with tears in my eyes. It was so moving and in a moment said a whole lot about life and one's mortality. Can't remember the last time a movie made me feel like this. Which could be a curious comment on my cynical heart. But I think it's because this movie is just good.

Full disclosure : It was not my first choice. I really wanted to see Cyrus, but it was sold out. And it was so hot that I was craving the A/C of the theatre. I would've seen anything.


Candice Frederick said...

wow! i guess i have to see this movie. every review i've read has been fantastic.

kangatron said...

That one scene really was powerful, wasn't it? I couldn't help but feel that in the hands of a lesser studio, it would've been botched with the insertion of some horrible dialogue.

P.S. Personally, I think you lucked out ... I didn't care for Cyrus (although, admittedly, my friends did)

Murtada said...

Bill _ agree with you completely re scene could've been schmaltzy.

I still want to see Cyrus. It might have to wait though, this weekend's all about inception.