Monday, February 6, 2012

Meryl Streep - Villian

Meryl Streep is in a neck to neck race with Viola Davis for best actress this year. I'm on Viola's side all the way. While both movies are not great, The Help was moving entertainment that I enjoyed. The Iron Lady was a terrible movie with Meryl being its only redeeming factor. I call it "Too Much Old Lady". Why chose to spend so much time with a totally fictionalized period of Thatcher's life when there is so much more to choose from? Meryl please better movie next time.

I'd like Streep to play a totally unsympathetic character. She went there slightly with Plenty, A Cry in THe Dark and She-Devil. Here is my fantasy : an aging former mob moll who is now a vicious contract killer out to kill her former boss. Get Martin McDonagh to write and direct, Morgan Freeman to play the mob boss and Joel Edgerton & Dominic Cooper to play his henchmen who are chasing her. Joseph Gordon Levitt to play her long lost son. She gets to curse and swear &kill mercilessly in long elaborate action scenes. I even have a title "Killing Sophie".

Would you see this?

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