Saturday, October 13, 2012

A few stray thoughts on Argo

This is not a review just a few stray thoughts........

- It's a movie movie in the best sense. It keeps you entertained, provides some humor, some thrills, characters to care about but doesn't tax you too much.

- Has a couple of simple but thrilling set pieces. The one at the end of the movie had me at edge of my seat, willing the characters to go where I knew they'd end... but still thrilling. It probably didn't happen that way in real life but it's a movie.... dramatic license. I was OK with it.

- I wish the screenplay developed Affleck's main character beyond the stock ""excellent at his job, trying to spend more time with kid". We've seen that many times. He's based on a real person after all!!

- Things go too smoothly throughout. Too straightforward and simple. Yes the rescue idea is called out as being bad but everybody gets on board. The Hollywood setting up of the fake movie also goes without a hitch. Is this how it happened in real life? There is no real conflict.

- My fave line : Ladies and Gentleman alcoholic beverages can be served now as we just crossed out of Iranian air space"". As I used to travel in Middle East that announcement always meant the party can start, has more meaning in the movie; still fun to hear it.

- Don't understand the Oscar buzz for Alan Arkin. He's very funny but hardly in the movie. Yes he has almost all the funny one liners but that's "best"of year?

- Chris Messina; when are you going to get a meaty movie role? Nice to see you pop up everywhere and lead on The Mindy Project, though.

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