Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome Back Cate

At Hobbit Red Carpet
in Wellington

After taking off a few years to run the Sydney Theatre Company Cate Blanchett is back to movies with a vengeance. She graced the red carpet in New Zealand this week for the Hobbit premiere as news of her next project were unveiled.

I don't think The Hobbit is worthy of her talents. The role is probably a cameo anyway. But at least we will get to see her on the red carpet during the promotional blitz.

I'm more excited by the other movies she shot this year and are coming out in 2013. She stars in the latest Woody Allen and is in not one but two movies from Terrence Malick. The latter is notorious for completely cutting off some actors from his movies. I am betting he will not cut Cate the Great!

That next project is a live action Cinderella where she will play the evil stepmother. Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek is at the helm. Hanna co-star Saoirse Ronan is among the young actresses being considered for the title role.

This should be a fun exciting blockbuster for Cate. She follows Charlize and Angelina in playing the villain in a live action version of a fairy tale.

She also has two other movies scheduled to shoot in 2013. A lesbian love story with Mia Wasikowska called Carol, based on a Patricia Highsmith novel. And she's in the ensemble of George Clooney's next directorial project, The Monuments Men, along with Daniel Craig, Jean Dujardin and Bill Murray.

I leave you with one of my favorite Cate moments. Elizabeth:The Golden Age was so much less than the original Elizabeth. But the "'I too can command the wind, Sir"is such an usually hammy and over the top moment from this subtle actress that i just love it. Watch for yourself below.

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