Friday, January 18, 2013

Best of 2012 - Supporting Actress

Conventional wisdom and major award bodies see this as Anne Hathaway's year. However while I think she's the best thing about that movie I still found another 5 performances that I liked more. Here are my top 5 in alphabetical order:

Emily Blunt in Looper
For grounding a most fanciful premise in a simple story about a mother's love for her child.
For showing that love to be scary, tender and fierce all at the same time.

Lizzy Caplan in Bachelorette
For being both new and familiar as the not-ready-to-grow up party girl.
For showing us the hurt and hidden vulnerability behind the smug and awful.
For portraying the hurt of first love so eloquently.

Jennifer Ehle in Zero Dark Thirty
For having lots of spark and personality behind the dogged devotion to her job.
For showing the excitement of the hunt when the prey is near.

Helen Hunt in The Sessions
For shedding all pretense along with her clothes. 
For showing us honesty that love can be conflicting and emotionally dangerous. 

Lorraine Toussaint in Middle of Nowhere
For the most realistic portrait of a mother's simultaneous disappointment and hope in her children.
 For showing years of weariness and knowing-it-all in a simple look.

Thoughts? What were some of your favorites? Did any of these ladies blow you away as they did me?

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