Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hit Me With Your Best Shot : Magic Mike

A few male strippers gather in a gym to workout and practice some new moves. A seasoned stripper teaches the new kid a few moves. They are looking at a mirror. Are they checking each others' moves or lost in a reverie of their own reflections? 

What else is happening in this shot? There's a mumbo jumbo motivational speech meant to rally up the young one. But it's all about that mirror and what they see and how they are completely lost in it.  The beauty of the bodies on display, the unsparring committment to the vanity of believing their own hype, that's what they to beleive to survive. This world in a brief few minutes.

This has been my contribution to The Film Experience's masterful series Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Why : Because Matthew McConaughey looks fantastic and acts the hell out of the scene. Years of his sometimes charming, sometimes puzzling public persona has lead to this moment. He emerges a great character actor and a star for the ages.

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