Sunday, February 8, 2009

5 Reactions to BAFTA!

1. BAFTA lost all creditabity for me, they award everything with a whiff of Britishness. Yes Slumdog is on a roll, but they gave best costume to The Duchess over Ben Button, Best Screenplay to In Bruges over the superior and Best Film nominee Milk and Best Foreign Film to I've Loved You so Long over Waltz with Bashir just because it starred a British star.
2. Very sad to see Milk completely shut out. Hope that does not happen at the Oscars.
3. While I was rooting for Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke gave the best speech. he was very real and it was heartfelt. Bravo!
4. Who was the dude who accepted for Ledger? Whoever's in charge get your act together and choose someone charismatic for the Oscars.
5. Is Kate now scared of public speaking? She seemed like she just wanted to get off the stage. Good on the tribute to Pollack & Minghella, though.

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