Saturday, May 30, 2009

Short Review : Up

So I have never been a fan of animated movies in general and Pixar in particular. Never saw Finding Nemo or Ratatouille, thought Toy Story was meh and took the Wall-E dvd out after 10 minutes. The only one I really enjoyed was The Incredibles.

So a friend kinda dragged me to see Up last night. I was game on account of the good reviews and because I wanted to find out if I was missing something in skipping this genre. This movie opened Cannes, for goodness sake.

And again it was just meh. I have to admit the beginning was fantastic. How they set up the story and the characters is really cool. And there was this no-words few minutes that told the story of a marriage that was well made and had an economy of detail while being rich in emotion. After that though it was business as usual. Yes we have not seen someone travel by putting their house on balloons but the other elements of the story were familiar. Two characters, one a curmudgeon, the other sincere and annoying, are forced to join forces and in the process become friends and learn some life lessons. There is a villain and a few charming supporting characters. Been there, done that a thousand times.

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