Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Song of the Fall

So I was hoping that Whitney will rule the fall and have the biggest comeback. Unfortunately her album is not diva enough, it's just mediocre. There are a couple of OK mid-tempo songs (Alicia Keyes' penned Million Dollar Bill & For the Lovers). But the rest, save for a cover of Donny Hathaway's Your Song, are not memorable.

So who is going to rule the fall? I'm betting on Leona Lewis. Her new song Happy is bombastic and totally diva and has all the right moves. I've heard it more than 10 times in the last few days. On facebook and twitter it is being mentioned like crazy.
Even Perez Hilton endorsed it. And while I hate to follow a trend started by him, I have to say I think he is right this time.
This song delivers. Expect to hear it everywhere, well into 2010.

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