Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tom Ford made a movie!

Uber-celebrity designer and former Gucci honcho Tom Ford, presented his directorial debut at the Venice film festival a few days ago. It is called "A Single Man" and stars Colin Firth as a gay college professor in L.A. contemplating suicide after the death of his partner. Julianne Moore stars as his friend who still carries a torch for him.

You can see from the trailer that the movie looks exquisitely beautiful and that Ford is in love with the male form. That's so surprise, however the buzz from Venice is that it's a good movie too. It's a major contender for the grand prize, the Golden Lion and reviews have been good to excellent. I love what the Times of London, said "....It looks like a Wallpaper magazine photo shoot styled by Douglas Sirk". High praise indeed. It also apparently gives Firth the best role of his career and Moore her best role in years.

Could Ford be the next big gay auteur? Watch out Gus Van Sant.

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