Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Movies So far

Is 2009 a good year for movies? Well it sure ain't 1999. But with 2 weeks to go there are several movies that I liked. Here goes:

The Hurt Locker. What an amazing jolting experience. Probably the best war movie ever.
(500 Days of Summer). Everyone who's ever had their heart broken will get and love this movie.
District 9. It was different and exciting.
An Education. A slight story but very well told and those performances. Everyone was right on from Mulligan's star turn to Thompson's bit part.
Julie and Julia. So very charming. Meryl as usual was astounding and had great chemistry with Tucci. And unlike most everybody I didn't mind the Amy Adams parts.
Precious. Powerful and haunting.
Up in the Air. Very topical. Clooney and Farmiga are the year's screen couple.

Still looking forward to Avatar, Nine, The Lovely Bones and It's Complicated. Have not yet caught Invictus, The Road, The Messenger or The Fantastic Mr Fox.

The movies that disappointed were Bright Star, Where the Wild Things are and A Single Man.

One last thought. While a lot of these movies were bleak, there was also a lot of charm and good times. Even the harrowing story of Precious had a hopeful streak throughout.

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Candice Frederick said...

I cannot wiat to see Mo'Nique up on that Oscar stage (hopefully I won't have to eat my words here)