Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Good "Grey"

What's behind the recent resurgence of "Grey's Anatomy"? For the third straight week, we got a fantastic episode.

Is there a more engaging realistic and fascinating love story on TV other than Cristina and Hunt? I'd have to go back to Cristina and Burke. From the shocking opening scene to the moving scene by the shaft where Cristina showed us again how tough and strong she can be to the sex and final tender moment, it was a full fledged love affair in less than an hour. Wow!

The story of the dying old lady had the best line "they are my people and people keep you going". I admit I teared up a little. Everyone needs people who love them around.

I was even not that annoyed with Mer/Der. Despite the cheesy elevator proposal I was happy for them. And Mer showed us how she matured by refusing to "make it all better" for Der before Izzie's operation.

As for Izzie and Karev, that story was good too. I loved that it was more about creating life than death. Mer forced them to think about keeping eggs and fertilizing them before it's too late. And then everyone rallied around her despite being scared and away at the beginning. Totally true to life.
I wish Grey's would lay off the schmaltzy music. Or as my friend Gary says "here's the music to tell me exactly how I should feel".


Jean said...

Thanks for the recap. I was a bit confused until I read this. Now I will go back and watch last week's episode.

I thought it was really lame for Cristina to walk away from the relationship rather than work it out.

Murtada said...

She was scared. He could strangle her while sleeping. I understood her fear.