Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking Woodstock Trailer Online

Anytime there's an Ang Lee film coming, it's a celebration for me. Love most of his movies. Which other contemporary director has the range to go from The Wedding Banquet to Sense and Sensibility to The Ice Storm to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Brokeback Mountain. Just love his work.

So I was beaming with joy this morning when I found a link to the trailer for his latest, Taking Woodstock. Again it's a new territory for this artist, he never goes back to the same time and setting. This one takes place in the late 60s and is based on the memoirs of Eliot Tiber who played a major role in the huge cultural milestone that became Woodstock. Don't know yet if I loved what I saw. But I'm still excited and can't wait.

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