Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is Damages the best show on TV?

It has got twists and turns at every corner. One of the strongest casts on TV (everyone except Rose Byre is fantastic). Well written ambiguous characters and the most fascinating lead character on TV now (yes more fascinating than Mad Men's Don Draper).

And season 2 central mystery is even more compelling than season 1's. Which is a tall order, since that season was compulsively watchable. So best show? Let's make a pro and con list :

1. Glenn Close and that cast.
2. The twists and turns and compelling storyline.
3. Even the smallest characters are well written.

1. Rose Byre, kill her off please. Bland and unengaging.
2. Not as zeitgeist and moody as Mad Men or relatable yet out there as Big Love.

I think it comes close to being the best.

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Drew said...

Wow I actually loved Rose Byrne all throughout the first season. She made it for me just as much as Glenn Close.

Anyway. Enjoyable show, but it's no Battlestar Galactica or True Blood.