Monday, June 1, 2009

June Movies

Looking forward to The Hangover and Away We Go this month. Besides the buzz and the reviews, I'll tell you why.

The Hangover just looks like dumb fun, every summer has one of those: There's Something About Mary, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers. I never saw Old School, because i don't like Will Ferrell's juvenile humour but I'm willing to give director Todd Phillips another chance. The trailer of course looks very funny. And happy to see Bradley Cooper get a lead role.

Sam Mendes is the number one reason I'm looking forward to Away We Go. True American Beauty has not stood the test of time. But Jarhead was underrated and The Road to Perdition a moody unique piece of cinema. And Revolutionary Road is a fantastic truthful film that contains the best acting of both Winslet's and DiCaprio's careers. All this plus Maya Rudolph in her first major film role and a script by Dave Eggers makes this a must-see.

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