Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trailer Bonanza

A few trailers came out this week. I thought I'd give them all short reviews:

Shutter Island : the new Scorsese/DiCaprio collaboration. Looks moody, creepy and totally fun. Love that Scorsese is back to making genre movies. DiCaprio should be good as a put-upon grown-up a la Departed & Rev Road. Mark Ruffalo doesn't appear much in the trailer but I hope this a good showcase for this under-rated actor. Ben Kingsley is heavily featured in this: hope it is not another hammy performance for this way over-rated actor.

The Time Traveller's Wife : this could be very poignant and romantic or pure schmaltz. Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana look delicious but for some reason I'm not buying that they are in love. I miss the Mean Girl Rachel! I think it will be totally schmaltzy and a big miss.

Creation : Or THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MOVIE ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS. Just looks totally awful. Don't think I need to say more.

500 Days of Summer : I've posted about this movie before. Can't wait. It looks so charming. I just want hug it, if i can. I still think this will be loved by many people. This new international trailer gives more context to the story and characters. Who would've thought that the kid from 3 Rocks from the Sun would grow up to be a romantic lead. Mark your calendars July 17th, we have a cute date.

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