Monday, June 8, 2009

Review : Star Trek

We have our first ever guest reviewer : Jean Tsai of Mindful Eats.

Since Murtada hasn't seen Star Trek yet, he has given me the honor of reviewing it.

Star Trek is fun! It is usually torture for me to be inside when the weather is nice, and it was a PERFECT spring evening when I saw the movie. But it was so fun, I let go of my anger - I was so involved with the movie I was sad when it ended. Star Trek isn't a classic - but it's great, nonstop action with likable acting and an engaging storyline. You definitely want to see it on the big screen for the full special effects. I liked the original TV series, but it doesn't really matter if you did or not. Zoe Suldana does a knock out job as Uhura, and all the other actors are solid and adorable. Having Leonard Nimoy back is enjoyable too, even if it's not his best performance. Some people might complain that it's derivative of Star Wars, but I think it's just allegorical. There are definitely nods to the Jedi classics, but I see them as homages rather than rip-offs. The plot has a certain cleverness to it. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD: The time travel element is rather tiresome, so don't get in a twist about it and just overlook the trite annoyingness so you can enjoy. The one good thing about the time travel is that cleverly invalidates all the TV series (including the originals) and the movies before it as an alternate reality. So now we can look forward to the sequels! Live long and prosper everyone.

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