Saturday, November 7, 2009

The most awful movie of the year?

I know that I should not give that label to a film I have not seen yet. But I think "The Blind Side" deserves it. Check out the trailer. It looks terrible. Saccharine, sappy, slow and you get the whole story from the trailer. No need to watch the movie. And do we really need another movie where an underprivileged black person gets a white savior? So 4 decades ago. I know it is kind of a true story but just because Sandra Bullock wants to win an Oscar we should not be subjected to this.


Candice Frederick said...

finally someone who sees it my way! it does look like yet another white person taking a underprivileged black person in. when will thsi end.

Sid note: I love The Soloist though, which had a smilar theme

Murtada said...

Haven't seen the Soloist yet. I'll add it to my netflix queue.

I hope nobody sees The Blind Side.....