Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Wrestler 2: It’s a Country Song!

All I can say is seriously. Seriously? This is the Best Actor Oscar winning performance for 2009? At least that is what most of the Oscar pundits are saying. I can see why. Mickey Rourke was nominated last year and Robert Duvall won many years ago for basically the same story. Granted, what do I know and I have only seen the trailer. But this is just boring and predictable. It looks like it follows the plot of The Wrestler and countless other movies, to a tee. A n’er do well middle aged man on his journey to redemption. And it contains one of my pet peeve plots: a beautiful young woman falling in love with an older loser. Totally misogynist and a male writer/director's ultimate fantasy.

Look I like Jeff Bridges. I’ve liked him for years and enjoyed his performances in many films. From “Against All Odds” to “The Fabulous Baker Boys” to “The Big Lewboski”, he has always been compelling to watch. I saw “Starman” 3 times and cried my heart out every time (granted I was a little kid then, but still). I just don’t think this mediocre looking movie should be what wins Best actor this year. Particularly following “Capote”, “There Will Be Blood” and “Milk”; all superlative filmmaking achievements.

Well it’s only the trailer; maybe the movie would be better. Doubt it, though. And I’ll have to see this drivel if I want to make an informed decision on who’s going to win.


Candice Frederick said...

yeah the academy certainly seems to like this kind of role. But it's a little too soon after they clearly sideswiped Mickey Rourke last year

Candice Frederick said...
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